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SLEEPISH is a Sydney-based creative consultancy specialising in providing high-quality, seamless design solutions and creating stylish impressions that get results.


Clients around the world rely on Sleepish to solve their visual communication needs and provide cost-effective creative and technical solutions including branding, billboard, poster and flyer designs, book covers, photography and television design.


Sleepish provides a complete graphic design service, as well as photography and marketing advice for a diverse range of clients including theatre production companies, publishing houses, corporations and small businesses.


Chief creative consultant, Fiona Ferguson, honed her skills in London where she worked for ITN – one of the world’s leading TV news organisations.


Fiona’s news background means she really understands a deadline and the need to create designs that capture your audience’s attention quickly. During her six years at ITN she worked as an integral part of the Emmy Award-winning Channel 4 News team and also for ITV, the ITN News Channel and Channel Five.

​Since returning to Sydney, Fiona has established a business that takes an innovative and energetic approach to any project or design challenge.

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